Technical specializiation at an MRU


Practically-oriented studies: The technical specialization

The central element of the course is the practically-oriented technical specialization which accounts for approximately 60 ECTS credits. The technical specialization takes in:

  • Projects in your area of specialization: You acquire knowledge and experience in your specialization through demanding, current research projects at the MRU of your choice. The projects are frequently commissioned directly by industry or the public sector, or they offer short or medium-term marketing potential.
  • Supplementary courses: Seminars/colloquia and special modules are offered by the individual Universities of Applied Sciences and provide students with highly specialized knowledge in their technical specialization field. The lecturer appointed as your advisor will show you the options available in your specialization.
  • Master's thesis: Your Master's thesis enables you to extend your knowledge and shows that you are capable of independently conducting comprehensive research to a high methodological, conceptual and scientific standard. The Master's thesis has a key bearing on practice and makes a substantial contribution towards solving a current problem encountered in practice. A Master's thesis will generally be commissioned by industry, business or the public sector or will be a research assignment from within the University of Applied Sciences.
  • See the abstracts of student's work

Study location: Master Research Unit (MRU)

The technical specialization will be taken at a Master Research Unit (MRU) at one of the Universities of Applied Sciences. The focal areas of study of your technical specialization will match the core competences of the MRU that you select. An MRU bundles unique research competence at a high level within an individual specialization. The MRUs conduct projects and assignments for businesses, industry, the public sector and the University of Applied Sciences itself. The projects involve a high level of expertise. Each MRU has many years of experience in applied scientific research and development. You work on projects for your specialization and on your Master's thesis in this environment at the MRU.

How do I find the right technical specialization for myself?

You can use the MRU Guide to set filters for Universities of Applied Sciences, specializations and focal areas of study and thus find the ideal Master Research Unit (MRU) for your studies.
The MRUs are listed in the languages in which you can pursue your technical specialization at the MRU in question.
You should register for your Master's course directly at the University of Applied Sciences offering the MRU at which you would like to take your technical specialization.

Matthias Bleibler
MSE Graduate, ZHAW
Graduate Mattthias Bleibler on the MSE

«I am very satisfied with my Master's degree course at the ZHAW School of Engineering. I particularly liked being able to work on specific projects for industry.  And another special feature was that I was permitted to co-supervise a Bachelor's degree project in the framework of my Master's thesis. I selected the China module as an optional subject, which opened the door to Asia for me.»

Matthias Bleibler
MSE Graduate, ZHAW
Specialization: Industrial Technologies
Development Engineer
Marti EPC Ltd. in China