FTP modules


Fundamental theoretical principle modules (FTP)

Modules in the category of fundamental theoretical principles (FTP) extend fundamental knowledge – in higher mathematics, physics, information theory and chemistry, for example.
You will find details of the modules in the module descriptions, including the tuition location and the language of tuition. The module descriptions are published in the language of tuition for the module.

Older versions

You can find older versions of the module descriptions on Moodle here.

FTP_AdvStDaAn Advanced Statistical Data Analysis Download
FTP_AppStat Applied Statistics and Data Analysis Download
FTP_CompAlg Numerical Analysis and Computer Algebra Download
FTP_CryptCod Cryptography and Coding Theory Download
FTP_Energy Energy: Production, Consumption and Management Download
FTP_EnviPlan Raumplanungs-, Bau- und Umweltrecht Download
FTP_FactPlan Factory Planning Download
FTP_Fourier From Fourier to Wavelets Download
FTP_Life Lebenszyklus-Management von Infrastrukturen Download
FTP_Optimiz Optimization Download
FTP_OrdDiff Ordinary Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems Download
FTP_PartDiff Partial Differential Equations in Engineering Applications Download
FTP_Physics The Physics of Materials and Engineering Devices Download
FTP_PredMod Predictive Modelling Download
FTP_StatPlan Planungsmethodik Download
FTP_StochMod Stochastic Modelling Download
FTP_Tensors Vectors and Tensors in Engineering Physics Download
FTP_TheoComp Theoretical Computer Science Download
FTP_WavePhen Welleneigenschaften und ihre Anwendung in modernen Messgeräten und technischen Geräten Download