Business Engineering and Production


Business Engineering and Production (BEP)

Title upon graduation "Master of Science [University of Applied Sciences] in Engineering with specialization in Business Engineering and Production"

This degree will qualify you to develop, produce and market services or mass-produced industrial goods. You are specialized in configuring and optimizing material, information and value chains. You will learn specific methods and concepts from mathematics, information technology, business management and management science.
In the "Business Engineering and Production“ specialization, students are acquainted with the methods used by engineers for analyzing, planning and controlling industrial processes and systems.

Competence fields

  • Business Process Management: Management of in-house and inter-company business processes. Mapping of organizational structures and processes in communication and information systems.
  • Operations Management and Analytics: Optimum configuration and control of industrial and service processes, especially on the basis of formal models and methods of data analysis. Guaranteeing quality and availability standards for products and services.
  • Supply Network Management: Configuration and management of complex global added-value systems. Systematic handling of the complexity of global networks with a strategic time horizon.

Recommended Bachelor's degrees

  • Industrial engineering
  • Aviation
  • Transportation
  • A BSc in a different engineering discipline and an interest in operational and organizational issues
  • Other qualifications: Admission on the basis of a portfolio is possible.
Silvia Colombo
MSE student, SUPSI
Student Silvia Colombo on the MSE

«When I moved to Lugano, I was looking forward to acquiring new experiences. Opting for the MSE was a good decision, due to the combination of theory and practice. The international background makes this experience all the more exciting and satisfying. Meeting young people from different cultures and studying and working together on joint projects encourages the growth of personal relations. And this good atmosphere repeatedly motivates me to help shape the world of «Business Engineering and Production».»

Silvia Colombo
MSE student, SUPSI
Specialization: Business Engineering and Production