Civil Engineering & Building Technology


Civil Engineering and Building Technology

Title upon graduation "Master of Science [University of Applied Sciences] in Engineering with specialization in Civil Engineering and Building Technology"

In the "Civil Engineering and Building Technology" specialization, you, as an engineer, broaden and deepen your knowledge of the construction industry.
You learn to plan complex building projects on an interdisciplinary basis and to manage these under cost and time pressure. You will constantly consider the application of new technologies and acquire knowledge on the maintenance and repair of buildings, on sustainable construction and on natural hazards.

Competence fields

  • Structural concept and design: Development and implementation of sophisticated supporting structures with allowance for special static modes of action. Development of new materials and construction methods.
  • Geotechnics and natural events: Analysis and assessment of natural events. Planning, project development and supervision of structures and measures in the fields of geotechnics and nature-oriented water engineering.
  • Construction and production technology: Planning, managing and implementing construction projects and production processes. Management of investment activity, architecture, engineering and the supplier industry, analysis and optimization of the performance of buildings.
  • Sustainable construction, maintenance and repair of existing structures and building technology: planning, project development and implementation of cost-efficient and ecological construction projects subject to special requirements in terms of building physics and building culture.

Here you will find all the Master Research Units (MRUs) which offer "Civil Engineering & Building Technology" as a technical specialization.

Recommended Bachelor's degrees

  • Civil engineering
  • Building services engineering
  • Other qualifications: Admission on the basis of a portfolio is possible.
Kristine Hess
MSE student, FHO HSR
Kristine Hess on the MSE

«I found the MSE to be a very useful addition to my Bachelor's degree studies. After the Bachelor's course had been very general, I was able to pursue my studies on a highly selective basis in a specialization of my choice (massive construction) on the Master's course. We received optimum support from our supervisors in doing this. In the modules that were organised on a national basis l also learned to work on an interdisciplinary basis and resolve strategic issues. I think the Master's degree has given me a clear advantage on the job market.»

Kristine Hess
MSE student, FHO HSR
Specialization: Civil Engineering and Building Technology