Energy and Environment


Energy and Environment

Title upon graduation "Master of Science [University of Applied Sciences] in Engineering with specialization in Energy and Environment"

With a degree in Energy and Environment, you are an expert in energy, process and environmental engineering including renewable energies. You learn how to develop efficient processes that sustain natural resources. You acquire in-depth knowledge of electrical energy engineering, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and heat and material transport, for example.

Competence fields

  • Energy engineering: Concepts, modeling, planning, implementation and operation of efficient systems for converting, storing, making available and using energy.
  • Process engineering: Concepts, layout, modeling, planning, implementation and operation of process-engineering processes and systems.
  • Environmental engineering: Analysis, modeling, planning and implementation of measures in conjunction with problems involving air, water and soil and also for process-integrated environmental protection.

Recommended Bachelor's degrees

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Construction engineering, automotive engineering
  • Environmental engineering
  • Building services engineering
  • Process engineering
  • Chemical engineering
  • Systems engineering
  • Renewable energies and environmental engineering
  • Other qualifications: Admission on the basis of a portfolio is possible.
Dr. Bernd Gellert
Alstom Thermal Power
Alstom Thermal Power, Dr. Bernd Gellert on the MSE

«Alstom has a long history of supporting and engaging in cooperation projects with the Universities of Applied Sciences. We played a key role in shaping the MSE program of study, and therefore graduates have correspondingly high prospects of being able to pursue a challenging career in industry, and especially in globally active corporations. Highly attractive technical positions in development, production, engineering or project management are waiting to be filled by excellent engineers!»

Dr. Bernd Gellert
Vice President Technology Excellence
Alstom Thermal Power