Title upon graduation "Master of Science [University of Applied Sciences] in Engineering with specialization in Geomatics"

With a Master's degree in the specialization of "Geomatics", you are an expert in the capturing, processing and visualization of geoinformation. You acquire the know-how to capture, analyze and model complex spatial processes with the latest geo sensors and methods. You can abstract specific problems and develop new solutions.

Competence fields

  • Geoinformation technology: Modeling, capturing, processing, integration, analysis, visualization and management of geodata or geoinformation. Conceptualization and implementation of demanding positioning, navigation and monitoring tasks for a range of applications and accuracy requirements.

State examination for the title of Licensed Cadastral Surveyor

As a Master's graduate with the „Geomatics“ specialization, you will be admitted to the state examination for acquiring a Swiss Federal License for Cadastral Surveyors.
Condition: Candidates must submit proof of having completed the theoretical training required for a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor.

Recommended Bachelor's degrees

  • Geomatics
  • Information Technology
  • Other qualifications: Admission on the basis of a portfolio is possible.
Graduate Marianne Deuber on the MSE

«Everyday life on the course was highly varied, since the lectures for the theory modules were held in Zurich and the remaining lectures in Muttenz. The specialization projects were always focused on highly topical issues and were frequently conducted in cooperation with partners in industry, thus ensuring their practical relevance. During the Master's degree course I was able to acquire both theoretical and practical knowledge and also undergo further personal development.»

Marianne Deuber
MSE Graduate, FHNW
Specialization: Geomatics
Geomatics engineer
Geoterra AG

Dr. Hannes Eugster
iNovitas AG
iNovitas AG, Dr. Hannes Eugster on the MSE

«The practical approach that MSE graduates adopt to solving complex questions is a key prerequisite for successfully developing a technology and introducing it onto the market. The in-depth engineering knowledge acquired in combination with work on practically-oriented development and research projects during the Master's course provides the basis for graduates to rapidly assume responsibility within our young company. iNovitas AG offers young graduates a great deal of scope for channeling in their own ideas, enabling them to play an active role in shaping the company's development.»

Dr. Hannes Eugster
Managing Director
iNovitas AG