Information and Communication Technologies


Information and Communication Technologies

Title upon graduation "Master of Science [University of Applied Sciences] in Engineering with specialization in Information and Communication Technologies"

The ICT specialization covers IT and telecommunications. As a Master's graduate you will be able to plan and implement system architectures. You will typically be in charge of a team and be responsible for the development of distributed, interoperable and extendable software systems. Your team will use the latest development, simulation and modeling tools, systematically apply tests and work in a user-oriented way. You will also be able to analyze risks of IT systems and to take adequate countermeasures.

Competence fields

  • Communication and information systems: Planning, risk analysis, implementation and operation of secure, efficient and reliable communication and information systems. Development and operation of intelligent networks, embedded systems, mobile, pervasive and ubiquitous applications, services and devices.
  • Software engineering and software technology: Architecture, analysis, design, development, extension and testing of software systems that meet all user and system requirements, run reliably, securely and efficiently and are easy to interact with.
  • Data and information management: Acquisition, processing, modeling, consolidation, management, analysis, searching and visualization of data and information with efficient sequential, parallel or distributed algorithms and optimization methods.

Recommended Bachelor's degrees

  • Information Technology
  • Media engineering
  • Telecommunications
  • Other qualifications: Admission on the basis of a portfolio is possible.
Mirko Stocker
MSE Graduate, FHO HSR
Graduate Mirko Stocker on the MSE

«The MSE gave me the opportunity to study the subject of software engineering in greater depth. I was able to look into research topics such as static code analysis and determine their practical relevance. Practically-oriented projects constitute an important and extensive part of the MSE. This is why I would give consideration to my preferred topics and projects when selecting my advisor already. And it's certainly worthwhile taking up new topics.»

Mirko Stocker
MSE Graduate, FHO HSR
Specialization: Information and Communication Technologies
Member of the Scientific Staff
Institute for Software, HSR Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil