Theory Modules


Theory modules

Roughly one third of the ECTS credits are awarded for theory modules at central locations in Lausanne and Zurich. A reduced range of theory modules are also offered in Bern and Lugano. The cooperation between the Universities of Applied Sciences means that some 96 theory modules can be provided in different disciplines. The theory modules are taught by lecturers from all over Switzerland and attended by students from throughout the country.
Each theory module is equivalent to three ECTS credits. There are three categories of theory module. You will find the module descriptions here.

Module selection with your advisor

Throughout your studies, you will receive academic support from an advisor. Advisors are lecturers who define your educational goals with you and advise you accordingly on how to configure your studies and which modules to select.
Advisors work as lecturers and researchers in your chosen technical specialization.


The MSE is taught on a multilingual basis. The theory modules are offered at one or more locations in German and/or French and/or English. Details of which module is provided at which location and in which language may be found in the individual module description.
The module descriptions are included on the web in the languages in which they are taught.

Proof of attainment of the learning outcome

Written examinations are held at the end of the theory modules. These take place at the end of the semester in each case.
If you fail an examination, the module may be repeated once.
You must pass the module in question in order to obtain the ECTS credits.


You will find the timetables for the central modules on the Moodle learning platform.

Lisa Gross
MSE Graduate, FHNW
Lectures in the morning, research in the afternoon.

«What I find most convincing about the MSE is the work on interesting and demanding research projects in cooperation with eminent companies. In a practically-oriented environment like this, I'm able to acquire specialist knowledge and experience in the application of state-of-the-art laser technology.»

Lisa Gross
MSE Graduate, FHNW
Specialization: Industrial Technologies
Alstom Power