MSE Master of Science in Engineering

The Swiss engineering master's degree

Information and Cyber Security (ICS)

Cyber security is the foundation of a secure digital world. In the MSE profile Information and Cyber Security you will acquire the necessary competencies to securely drive digitalization forward.

Outline of profession

With the MSE in Information and Cyber Security you can have an exciting career as a cyber security professional, fighting cyber criminals and preventing cyber attacks. Be on the cutting edge of technology, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information, and protecting critical IT infrastructure.

Profile content

With a master’s degree in Information and Cyber Security, you will acquire in-depth knowledge and skills in the following subject areas:

  • System, Network, and Software Security
  • Secure Architecture and Design
  • Security Assurance, Resilience, and Safety
  • Security Operations
  • Industrial and IoT Security

Professional skills

In the MSE in Information and Cyber Security you will develop the specialist skills for such jobs as Security Architect, Security Consultant, Security Engineer of Products, Analyst in a Cyber Defence Centre, Network Security Engineer, or working in Security Operations.

Entry skills and enrolment process

Specific qualifications are required to enrol in this profile. Students holding one of the following bachelor’s degrees with above-average marks generally fulfil these entry requirements.

  • BSc in Information and Cyber Security
  • BSc in Computer Science
  • BSc in Data Science

Assessment of entry qualifications is part of the enrolment process of each school. Students who do not hold one of the above-mentioned bachelor’s degrees will be individually assessed for their suitability by the relevant University of Applied Sciences.

Recommended theory modules

The theory modules comprise 30 out of 90 ECTS. The modules are taught by professors from all over Switzerland at various locations. You will take these modules together with other MSE students. You can find the recommended theory modules for the MSE in Information and Cyber Security (ICS) here.

Additional skills relative to Bachelor of Science

Compared to the Bsc, the MSE in Information and Cyber Security enhances your practical skills and deepens your theoretical knowledge. The combination of practical and theoretical education gives students a strong security foundation in a variety of topic areas.

Discover more

Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) offering the Information and Cyber Security (ICS) profile are shown below. Find out more about the courses of study at the individual UASs.

Study language

Specialization studies are in German, French (Biel) or English; and theory modules in English

Main focus

  • Digital Forensics and Cyber Investigations
  • Hardware, IoT, and Wireless Security
  • Network and System Security
  • FinTech Security
  • E-Voting Security
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence

Check profile at BFH

Study language

German and English

Main focus

  • Research, develop, plan and design security solutions for complex systems.
  • Study environments and systems for weaknesses and propose solutions to improve security.
  • Focus on Operational Topics, Security in OT and Critical Infrastructure Environments, Pentesting, Post Quantum Cryptography, and Digital Forensic Science. 

Go to profile at HSLU

Study language

Mix of English and German

Main focus

  • Security Management and Governance
  • Network & Infrastructure Security
  • Security Architecture
  • Operational Technology
  • Internet of Things Security
  • Digital Forensics

Check profile at OST

Study language


Main focus

  • System, network and software security, 
  • Secure architecture and design, 
  • Security management and governance of information systems, industrial control systems and IoT solutions. 

Go to profile at SUPSI

Study language

English only or English/German

Main focus

  • Software Security
  • Network Security
  • Embedded Security
  • Security Management

Check profile at ZHAW