MSE Master of Science in Engineering

The Swiss engineering master's degree

Mechatronics & Automation (MA)

Mechatronic technologies and automation are needed in many industries. As a result, the demand for specialists is high. With the MSE in Mechatronics and Automation, you will be well prepared for a career in industry.

Outline of profession

In an industrial context, the areas of mechatronics and automation involve the design of autonomous systems using sensors, data processing and actuators. With this MSE, you will be able to carry out research or work in a variety of industries. These include the aerospace and automotive industries, microtechnology, manufacturing, the food industry, and automation and control engineering.

Profile contents

The MSE profile in Mechatronics and Automation covers the following subject areas:

  • Industrial systems
  • Mechatronic devices
  • Robotics
  • Dynamic systems and control

Professional Skills

With an MSE in Mechatronics and Automation, you will possess expertise in the tools and methods needed to automate processes. You will be able to model, analyse, design and implement mechatronics and automated systems. After completing your studies, you will have in-depth knowledge in the fields of mechatronics, robotics, and measurement and control technologies. You will also have knowledge in areas such as signal processing, communication, data processing and data security.

Entry skills and enrolment process

Specific skills are required to enrol in this profile. Students holding one of the following bachelor’s degrees generally fulfil these entry requirements.

  • BSc in Electrical Engineering
  • BSc in Mechanical Engineering 
  • BSc in System Engineering 
  • BSc in Microtechnology
  • BSc in Industrial Systems
  • BSc in Mechatronics Engineering 

Assessment of entry skills is part of the enrolment process of the relevant school. Students who do not hold one of the above-mentioned bachelor’s degrees will be individually assessed for their suitability by the relevant University of Applied Sciences.

Recommended theory modules

The theory modules comprise 30 out of 90 ECTS. The modules are taught by professors from all over Switzerland at various locations. You will take these modules together with other MSE students. You can find the recommended theory modules for the MSE in Mechatronics and Automation (MA) here.

Additional skills relative to Bachelor of Science

In the MSE profile in Mechatronics and Automation, you will deepen your knowledge of the tools and methods used in process automation. This understanding makes it easier for you to use advanced tools and technologies that are not available to bachelor’s students. In addition, you will be trained in the use of a higher level of abstraction and you will implement cross-system concepts by working on real applied research projects.

Discover more

Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) offering the Mechatronics and Automation (MA) profile are shown below. Find out more about the courses of study at the individual UASs.

Study language

Specialisation studies in German or French (Biel) or in German (Burgdorf), theory modules in English, German or French
Main focus

  • Programming of industrial, collaborative and mobile robots
  • Design of drives for manipulators
  • Optimization of processes in production

Check profile at BFH

Study language


Main focus

  • Automation of production lines using robots, sensors and other mechatronic systems
  • Design and development of integrated mechatronic systems, for example robot arms, grippers, mobile robots, drones or medical systems
  • Advanced control methods such as robust and optimal control, model predictive control or Kalman filters

Check profile at FHNW

Study language

German und English

Main focus

  • In-depth understanding of mechatronics, robotics, automation, measurement and control technology. 
  • Development, modelling, analysis and deployment of mechatronic systems.
  • Analysis and development of integrated and autonomous systems with focus on robotics and the automation of production processes. 

Go to profile at HSLU

Study language

German and English

Main focus

  • Software for mechatronic systems
  • Industry 4.0, drive technology, control engineering
  • Industrial / Collaborative Robotics
  • Autonomous mobile robots, drones, smart farming
  • Robotics in rehabilitation, prosthetics, surgery, care and laboratory automation
  • Human Robot Interaction, Vision, SLAM, GNSS   

Check profile at OST

Study language


Main focus

  • Industrial systems
  • Mechatronic devices
  • Robotics
  • Dynamic systems and control

Go to profile at SUPSI

Study language

Central modules are taught in English, complementary modules and project work either English or German.

Main focus

  • Offered at the Institute of Mechatronics Systems and the Centre for Product and Process Development. 
  • Areas of activity: Robotics, autonomous systems, production and manufacturing technologies, Industry 4.0, e-mobility, drive systems and control.

Check profile at ZHAW