MSE Master of Science in Engineering

The Swiss engineering master's degree

Study programme

The MSE offers 15 profiles in all engineering disciplines.

You can select the profile and the University of Applied Sciences (UAS) of your choice. Each UAS has a high level of practically relevant research expertise associated with a given profile. The applied research and development includes university-internal projects and commissioned projects for business, industry and the public sector.

Overview of which profiles are offered by each University of Applied Sciences (UAS).

Degree awarded

The degree awarded upon graduation is "Master of Science [University of Applied Sciences] in Engineering with specialisation in [Profile]"

The following specialisations existed prior to the introduction of the MSE profiles in Autumn 2020 and are therefore diploma titles of students who enrolled before the 2020/2021 academic year (or before 2021/2022 at HES-SO):

  • Business Engineering and Production (BEP) 
  • Energy and Environment (EE) 
  • Industrial Technologies (InT) 
  • Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) 
  • Civil Engineering & Building Technology (CEBT) 
  • Geomatics (GEO) 
  • Public Planning, Construction and Building Technology (PPCBT)
  • Spatial Development & Landscape Architecture (SDLA)