TSM modules


Technical scientific specialization modules (TSM)

The technical scientific specializations provide subject-specific knowledge in all seven specialist fields.
You will find details of the modules in the module descriptions, including the tuition location and the language of tuition. The module descriptions are published in the language of tuition for the module.

Older versions

You can find older versions of the module descriptions on Moodle here.

TSM_AdvContr Advanced Control Download
TSM_AdvDataMgmt Advanced Data Management - Non Standard Database Systems Download
TSM_AdvElDes Advanced Electronic Design Download
TSM_AdvPrPa Advanced Programming Paradigms Download
TSM_AdvTherm Advanced Thermodynamics Download
TSM_Alg Algorithms Download
TSM_AnSeqDa Analysis of Sequential Data Download
TSM_AnTeDe Analysis of Text Data Download
TSM_AppElm Applied Electromagnetics Download
TSM_AppMNT Applied Micro & Nano Technologies Download
TSM_AppNum Angewandte numerische Methoden in den Bauingenieurwissenschaften Download
TSM_AppPhot Applied Photonics Download
TSM_AutoSys Automatic Drive Systems Download
TSM_BauMech Technische Mechanik im Civil Engineering Download
TSM_BauStat Baustatik Download
TSM_BIM Building Information Modelling Download
TSM_Build Zustandserfassung von Bauwerken Download
TSM_BusAn Business Analytics Download
TSM_Business International Business Download
TSM_BusStrat Business Strategy Download
TSM_CFD Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Download
TSM_ClComp Cloud Computing Download
TSM_CompVis Machine Learning in Computer Vision Download
TSM_CSM Computational Structural Mechanics (CSM) Download
TSM_DataAnaCla Data Analysis and Classification Download
TSM_DataMgmt Data Management Download
TSM_DeLearn Deep Learning Download
TSM_DesProc Entwurfsprozesse und -methoden Download
TSM_DigImPro Digitale Bildverarbeitung Download
TSM_Dynamics Structural Dynamics Download
TSM_ElEnSys Electrical Energy Systems Download
TSM_EmbHardw Design of Embedded Hardware and Firmware Download
TSM_EmbReal Embedded Real-time Software Download
TSM_EnReTe Environmental Remediation Technologies Download
TSM_EntComp Enterprise Computing Download
TSM_GeoProc Geoprocessing Download
TSM_GIS Geoinformationssysteme (GIS) Download
TSM_HIVoEn High Voltage Engineering Download
TSM_HybrMat Hybrid Materials: Selection and Design Download
TSM_IndContr Industrial Control Download
TSM_InfVis Information Visualization Download
TSM_InnoDes Novel Innovation and Design Principles Download
TSM_IntAuto Integrated Automation Download
TSM_ITSec IT-Security Download
TSM_Logistic International Logistics Download
TSM_MachLe Machine Learning Download
TSM_ManTech Manufacturing Technologies Download
TSM_MarkFor Market Analysis and Forecasting Download
TSM_MatSurf Materials and Surfaces Download
TSM_Mechanic Mechanics of Elastic Structures Download
TSM_Mechatr Mechatronics for Production and Logistic Download
TSM_MobOp Mobile Operating Systems and Applications Download
TSM_MobSys Advanced Mobile Systems Download
TSM_Multiphy Multiphysics Modeling and Simulation Download
TSM_NatHaz Naturgefahren Download
TSM_NewIPArcNew IP Architectures and Mobility Download
TSM_NPlanPro Nachhaltigkeit in der Umsetzung von Planungs- und Entwurfsprojekten Download
TSM_OpMgmt Service Operations and Management Download
TSM_Photo Photovoltaic Download
TSM_PolyDegr Polymer Degradation and Stabilisation Download
TSM_PowElSys Power Electronics Systems Download
TSM_ProcInt Process Integration and Pinch Analysis Download
TSM_Product Product Innovation and Product Lifecycle Management Download
TSM_ProgAlg Parallel and Distributed Computing Download
TSM_QInOpMgmt Quantitative Methods in Industrial Operations Management Download
TSM_RegDev Regionalentwicklung, Regionalökonomie und Politik Download
TSM_ServMan Servitization of Manufacturing Download
TSM_SignProc Signal Processing and Transmission Download
TSM_SoftFound Software Foundations Download
TSM_SoftwEng Software Engineering and Architectures Download
TSM_Sourcing Sourcing international, Outsourcing/Offshoring Download
TSM_StatDig Statistical Digital Signal Processing and Modeling Download
TSM_TecAcou Technische Akustik Download
TSM_TechMgmt Technology Management Download
TSM_TheoPlan Entwerfen und Planen in grösseren Räumen - Theorie und Praxis Download
TSM_TwoPhase Two-Phase Flows with Heat and Mass Transport Download
TSM_Urban Siedlung und Verkehr Download
TSM_UseInf Advanced User Interfaces Download
TSM_VibrContr Vibrations and Control Download
TSM_WireCom Wireless Communications Download
TSM_WWTreat Wastewater Treatment (WWT) - Theory and Bases for Design Download
Fabien Degoumois
MSE student, HES-SO
The Master's degree opens up new professional horizons.

«The modules offered on the Master of Science in Engineering course have allowed me to consolidate my skills and knowledge in my profession of engineer and have opened up new prospects for me in those areas that interest me most, like industrial ecology, control and the aerospace sector.
While working on my Master's thesis, I had the opportunity to undertake in-depth research into space electronics in cooperation with the SwissSpace Center.»

Fabien Degoumois
MSE student, HES-SO
Specialization: Industrial Technologies