MSE Master of Science in Engineering

The Swiss engineering master's degree

Each module contains 3 ECTS. You choose a total of 10 modules/30 ECTS in the following module categories: 

  • 12-15 ECTS in technical scientific modules (TSM)
    TSM modules teach profile-specific specialist skills and supplement the decentralised specialisation modules.
  • 9-12 ECTS in fundamental theoretical principles modules (FTP)
    FTP modules deal with theoretical fundamentals such as higher mathematics, physics, information theory, chemistry, etc. They will teach more detailed, abstract scientific knowledge and help you to bridge the gap between abstraction and application that is so important for innovation.
  • 6-9 ECTS in context modules (CM)
    CM modules will impart additional skills in areas such as technology management, business administration, communication, project management, patent law, contract law, etc.

In the module description (download pdf) you find the entire language information per module divided into the following categories:

  • instruction
  • documentation
  • examination 
Heat Transfer (TSM_Heat)

The basic theories of heat transfer by conduction, convection and thermal radiation are presented. However, this study-unit focuses on solving practical heat transfer problems in different fields of engineering such as architectural and HVAC engineering, mechanical and process engineering, electrical as well as environmental engineering.


Basic knowledge of thermodynamics and fluid dynamics.

Learning Objectives

Students shall learn how to solve engineering problems in the field of heat transfer.

Contents of Module

  • Overview of Heat Transfer Modes
  • Introduction to Conduction
  • One-Dimensional, Steady-State Conduction
  • Two-Dimensional, Steady-State Conduction
  • Transient Conduction
  • Introduction to Convection
  • External Flow
  • Internal Flow
  • Free Convection
  • Introduction to Radiation
  • Radiation: Processes and Properties
  • Radiation: Exchange Between Surfaces

Teaching and Learning Methods

Presentation of theory and practical examples of heat transfer problems, problem solving


F. Incropera, D. DeWitt, T. L. Bergman, A. S. Lavine. Incropera's Principles of Heat and Mass Transfer: Global Edition. Wiley, 2017-11-01.

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